Brown & Black is not only a tattoo studio, but also a gallery and a place where each individual is able to learn about the art and history of tattoo. Brown & Black is a studio where, by the help of our professionals in tattoo art and design, each and everyone can find an inspiration to create a personal piece of art. Tattoo is an art which comes from within each individual, that is why all the designs we create are original and unique, adjusted to wishes and desires of the customer. Our top notch artists work in each and every stile, from old school tattoos and simple motives, all the way to complex realistic and modern designs. In Brown & Black we know, that each tattoo has a background story with a deeper meaning, that’s why our aspiration is to help you transform your story in to an ever lasting piece of you.

Pino Savnik

Tattoo Aritst

I professionally work as a tattoo artist for 7 years. I started very young and after two years of work i got my first employment in a studio, where i learned many skills and a lot about tattoo business. My favorite stiles are black and gray, realism, geometrics and photorealism. Each tattoo teaches me something new and i know my path is long till i reach the goal. I had great interest in tattooing from my young age. The most beautiful thing is when you have the chance to give a fellow human being something that will accompany him anywhere, anytime.

Rok Polanc


Artist at Brown & Black was engaging in many field other then arts his whole life. School, study and work were totally different fields but the spark for arts still burned inside him all this time helping him fight trough hard times by doing sketches and drawing evolving his talent. When he was 25 a path opened up and he started cooperating with tattoo artist Pino Savnik in the world of tattoos. In Brown & Black, a project of two ambitious youth who love the world of drawing, painting and tattooing, he takes care of designs and is starting his mission as a tattoo artist.


Monday - Saturday: 14.00 - 20.00
Nazorjeva ulica 8, Ljubljana
+386 31 646 169
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